Are you hesitating about taking your company’s website “mobile”? Maybe the cost of a conversion or the time and talent it takes to make a responsive design is delaying the “go”?


A website designed for the space and functionality of a smartphone or tablet is a necessity. In fact, in 2015 mobile devices took the top spot over desktop and laptop computers as the most-used technology based on global usage.

Quite simply, if your marketing strategy leans toward the Internet, you should make going mobile a priority:

  • Consumer behavior is driving the mobile surge. Millennials, for example, are now the largest consumer group in the U.S., and more than 85 percent of them rely heavily on their smartphones. (Baby Boomers and Gen Xers aren’t that far behind.)
  • According to Internet Retailer, 75 percent of shoppers bring their phones into the brick-and-mortar store. They’ll read reviews, compare prices and ultimately make purchase decisions.
  • And it’s not just humans who are demanding mobile access. Google, the king of search engines, uses its algorithms to penalize companies whose websites aren’t mobile-friendly. And that could mean a lower position for your business on that all-important search engine result page.

The look of mobile marketing

Even if you have a well-designed website right now, if it was designed for the desktop/laptop, it’s likely not going to provide a good experience on a mobile device. The smaller screens appear cluttered when they display the “big” website, with its large amount of text and number of images.

An effective mobile-responsive site highlights key visuals and navigation to accommodate “swipes” and “taps.” It cuts much of the incidental information from a desktop-based site to make the experience faster and easier for the user. A mobile-responsive design also automatically adapts to either the “portrait” (vertical) or “landscape” (horizontal) aspect ratio, depending on how the user holds the device.

An alternative or addition to the mobile-responsive site is the mobile app, which attracts users with such interactive functions as “tap to call” and online driving directions.

Get mobile to gain a web presence

By adapting your existing website to mobile-responsive, you’re giving today’s consumers and prospects an easy and preferred way to locate your business. Mobile is an essential investment for your company.

Mobile technology has certainly changed the way business gets done.  Employees can work from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection but still need to be able to print conveniently whenever and from wherever they are.  Contact us today for more information on how a mobile print solution can help your business run smoothly.