By: Marko Saban, Ph.D. and Manager, Scale-up Engineering Laboratory at Xerox Research Centre of Canada
In today’s world of technological innovation, great ideas are all around us. The tricky part for most innovators however, is how to move from ideas in the lab to the creation of the product into full-scale manufacturing.
In my work at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC), one of the ways we overcome this hurdle is by leveraging our competencies in process engineering. The goal of process engineering is to validate and optimize the ideas we created in the lab to a full-scale model before we move into the manufacturing and commercialization phase. This helps us ensure that the manufacturing process will be economical, robust, safe and environmentally friendly when scaled up to full capacity.
To do this, we begin by trying to anticipate all the process steps and equipment that will be required in the manufacturing operation. We use this list to create a proof of concept at scale and
conduct engineering studies to collect data, maximize product quality and yield, minimize process costs and ensure that health and safety regulations are met.
Once the manufacturing process has been optimized at scale, we scale the item up to full scale and manufacture a pilot item. We typically do several versions of the pilot testing to fine-tune the manufacturing process and we collect engineering data for the final large-scale manufacturing. Our philosophy is truly “scale-down before scale-up,” – a subtle but critical belief that a newly engineered process is a scale-down replica of manufacturing at actual scale rather than a simple enlargement of a lab scale.
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The team at the XRCC have expertise to move just about any idea from a thought into any stage of the development cycle. Click here to learn more about their state of the art pilot plant.
XRCC will be highlighting this innovative process (and much more!) at this year’s InformEX show from February 2-4 and showcasing how their best in class chemical processes move from the concept stage to commercialization. Check out their exhibit to learn more!
About the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC)
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