If you’re like most modern day businesses, you’re taking advantage of wireless printers or copiers in the workplace. However, many organizations are not aware of the huge security threat that this wireless technology poses if not secured properly.

If your wireless device is left unprotected, there’s a possibility that a hacker could access your printer or copier’s hard drive and gain access to information that has been transmitted to and from the device. If there is no firewall in place hackers can also gain access to your entire network.

Here are four effective ways to secure your wireless printer:

  1. Install firewalls – When you install a firewall you are gaining an extra layer of security against anyone attempting to gain access to your network via your wireless printer. In the event that someone does gain access to your printer, a firewall would prevent the hacker from doing further damage.
  1. Wipe your printer’s hard drive on a regular basis – As a best practice, you should wipe your printer’s hard drive on a daily basis to significantly limit the amount of information that a hacker could potentially gain access to.
  1. Encrypt your network – Use strong encryption to keep the information transmitted between the network and printer impossible to decipher.
  1. Limit printing – While it can be tempting to allow employees to print from their smartphones, consider the potential for employees’ personal devices to contain malware. Instead, limit printing to computers and devices that your organization has control over.

If you take advantage of these four effective security measures, your organization will be able to benefit from the cost-savings, efficiency and boost in productivity that comes from the use of wireless printers in the workplace.